GALLATIN, TN (WSMV) - Gun stores across the country are as busy as they’ve ever been, especially in Tennessee with the permit-less carry bill going into effect July 1.

Currently in order to carry a handgun, you have to have a permit in Tennessee. On July 1, most adults will be able to carry without a permit.

“I’m so concerned with this permitless carry thing about people hurting themselves or hurting somebody else, breaking some law and getting to go to jail,” said Dennis Mankin, owner and instructor at Learn 2 Shoot in Rutherford County.

Mankin has been teaching gun classes professionally for 10-plus years.

He said even though a permit will not be required, a gun owner should consider as much training as possible.

“I get people in all the time that never touched a gun, shot a gun,” said Mankin. “They know that they don’t know, so they come for training. It’s the ones that think they already know that I worry about.”

“Anyone that does not know anything about a gun should get some training because they don’t want to hurt no one in their family or have one the children hurt,” said Robert Jones, who lives in Gallatin. “We have seen this countless times but if you know how to handle a gun and you feel like you are comfortable with whatever, then it’s perfectly OK not have any training.”

For first-time gun owners, it’s important to consider keeping a log of your transactions.

“Take pictures of your gun,” said Mankin. “It’d be good if you can prop against a mirror and get a front and back at the same time.”

And keep the guns away from children.

“It’s your responsibility as a gun owner to make the gun inaccessible to child or children,” said Mankin. “Should they encounter a gun (tell them) don’t touch, run away and tell a grownup.”


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Justin Beasley joined the News4 team as a sports photographer in August 2017.

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